I am a Clinician / Commissioner

We identify patients at risk of adverse and avoidable patient events by applying AI. We provide clinically-staffed virtual wards to mitigate these risks.

HN Products and Services
Clinically Validated
HN Predict and HN Virtual Ward are clinically validated and published in peer reviewed journals including the British Journal of General Practice. Our trial is led by the Nuffield Research Trust
Adopted by the NHS
HN’s predictive and preventive approach is adopted by the NHS Innovation Accelerator
Patient Impact
Our clinical trial demonstrated that elderly males (>65) who receive our service are 50% less likely to die in the following 24 months
Sponsored by the Small Business Research Initiative R&D funding programme to develop our AI predicting & UEC prevention solution
Our training course for our virtual ward nurses is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute
We partner with ICSs & Health Boards, place-based systems, provider collaboratives and numerous PCNs in the UK and RoI

For the patients we support, we prevent ambulance transports, A&E attendances and unplanned hospital admissions, amounting to an average saving of £2,200 per patient whilst reducing health inequalities. We address central patient safety issues of preventable care and harm. Our evidence shows that socioeconomically challenged patients benefit most from our preventive approach.