We use AI to identify adverse and avoidable patient events and provide clinically staffed virtual wards to mitigate these risks

We predict 8 out of 10 patients who will require unplanned care. We prevent 1 in 3 unplanned care events for patients we support

  • Clinically validated and published in peer reviewed journals including British Journal of General Practice
  • Our training course is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute
  • Our predictive and preventive approach is adopted by the NHS Innovation Accelerator

For the patients we support, we prevent ambulance transports, A&E attendances and unplanned hospital admissions, amounting to an average saving of £2,200 per patient whilst reducing health inequalities. We address central patient safety issues of preventable care and harm

Backed by research

In the UK’s largest randomised trial on data-driven prediction and prevention of unplanned hospitalisations, HN’s solutions demonstrate they can save lives, NHS resources and reduce health inequalities.

You’ve read about what we do and how we do it. Now hear about our impact from Fiona Bell (Primary Care & Innovation Lead, Vale of York), and Alison, one of the patients enrolled on to our clinical health coaching programme.

Our Partners

HN is partnering with a growing number of organisations sharing our vision of empowered patients, sustainable healthcare.

Nuffield Trust
SBRI Healthcare
NHS Innovation Accelerator
Warwick University
Personalised Care Institute
Primary Care Direct

Our Customers Include


Brompton PCN
Broughton PCN
East Kent ICP
Greenwell PCN
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Havering Marshall PCN


Havering North PCN
Havering South PCN
Lewisham Health & Care Partners
North Yorkshire CCG
Nottingham City South PCN
Staffordshire ICS


University Limerick Hospitals Group
Vale of York CCG
West London GP Federation
White Horse Botley PCN