AI and Evidence

Our journey pioneering predictive health technologies began in 2016 with a 12,000-patient randomised clinical trial, which was published in the European Journal of Emergency Medicine. This first study demonstrated that tele-coaching reduced emergency admissions for high-risk patients.

Building on this initial study, we incorporated sophisticated AI and machine learning approaches to unlock insights within healthcare data at scale. Our research includes several randomised controlled trials, real world evidence studies, health economic studies and patient & public & engagement assessments, and represents global leadership in applying advanced analytics on routine health records.

We're proud that robust evidence and research is at the heart of our work. Our flagship trial is an extensive NHS trial of 1,800 patients, with guidance from the Nuffield Trust.

Published in the British Journal of General Practice and Emergency Medicine Journal, this trial validated our AI platform's ability to identify and predict risks, enabling targeted nursing outreach to improve outcomes.

We continue to invest in research partnerships and projects advancing equity, fairness, and transparency in AI-enabled care.

Our journey

Our work began by clinically proving the value of tele-coaching, progressed to honing AI predictive capabilities and now we spearhead research expanding the real-world impact of AI. Our publications, partnerships and products demonstrate our commitment to rigorous, ethical innovation.


See our latest publications, reports and posters to find out how we use artificial intelligent and machine learning algorithms to make a difference. Click on a box below to view and download our work. Questions? Just let us know by emailing [email protected]

Working in partnership never stops

Since 2019, we've partnered with UCL's Health Data Science MSc to supervise student research projects. Students work with our data scientists, gaining real-world experience. We also invest in ongoing R&D with partners. This guides development through independent evaluation and peer review.