Analyse. Validate. Predict. Prevent.

Our solutions turn your healthcare data into a novel source of predictive and preventative information. This means you can identify major risks for your patients – and turn these risks into preventative interventions.

We are a team of experienced clinicians and scientists. We understand your challenges, and because we get it, we’ve been able to make it easy to engage with our novel technology.


AI needs data to work. We know how to unlock that data to provide clear clinical, system and financial benefits.

Our clinical evidence and research base shows our method is proven and effective.

Analysis is at the heart of our work. That’s why we start by analysing your local system and needs. We ask:

- What do you want to predict and for whom?

- What data are available and accessible?

- What is your definition of success?

We'll then present a business case based on our discussion.


With what degree of accuracy are we able to ‘predict’?

How clinically relevant can we score?

How do we ensure safety, equity and fairness in our model output?

Before deployment, we always validate our solutions against your data to answer questions about model performance, stability and quality control.


HN Predict is our scientifically validated prediction platform and a licensable product. It is scientifically proven to identify 8 out of 10 patients requiring immediate preventative support to avoid unplanned hospitalisation.

Using HN Predict, clinicians can intervene in advance – saving lives and resources.

HN Predict


HN Proactive Case Manager is our clinically validated prevention platform, managing a powerful and scalable clinical coaching intervention.

It’s particularly beneficial for patients with multiple chronic conditions and at risk of emergency care. The platform supports a Personalised Care Institute accredited coaching programme.

Proactive Case Manager

Case Studies

We’re proud to partner with NHS and international health providers to deliver important system and patient benefits. Hear Dr Paddy Hannigan, Clinical Lead for Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care System, discuss the partnership with HN.