HN Founder features on new digital health podcast

The Smarter Health Show

We're excited to share that HN Founder and Executive Chair Joachim Werr features on the premiere episode of Smarter Health, a new podcast focused on digital innovation in healthcare. Hosted by renowned broadcasters Ivan Yates and Siobhán Breatnach, the podcast's first episode brings together Joachim and former HSE Director General Tony O'Brien for an in-depth discussion on the ambitious Sláintecare program.

Conversations are centred around the development of the 10-year Sláintecare plan aims to modernise healthcare in Ireland and how it compares to evolving health technologies across Europe. Joachim, who founded HN as Health Navigator in 2010, provides perspectives on the transformative potential of AI-powered predictive analytics, which HN harnesses to enable risk-based preventative care.

As a respected voice in European healthtech, Joachim highlights how HN’s approach aligns with the Sláintecare objectives to put people at the centre of the health system, where people can access the right services at the right time, for interventions they truly need. His insights help showcase the promise of data-driven innovation to improve population health outcomes.

Tony, a non-executive director at HN, emphasises the value of using predictive technologies to properly prioritise care based on individual needs. This allows focusing care away from potentially unnecessary interventions. Appropriate prioritisation enabled by predictive analytics provides immediate returns for health systems and patients alike. The ability to target care where it is most needed benefits all stakeholders.

Listen to the full conversation here: