"AI and health coaching transformed my life - and I'm so grateful"

At the heart of everything we do are the patients and people we serve. Our technology and solutions are designed to positively impact patient care, experience, and outcomes. We could not succeed without the individuals who motivate and guide our work each day. That's why we want to spotlight the patients at the center of our mission through stories like the one below.

Peter Elcock

Peter Elcock at his home in Salford, near Manchester

By sharing real accounts of the change enabled by our products, we hope to convey the human element that makes what we do meaningful. Patients give purpose to our innovation. Their voices should be heard.

The entry featured here provides a glimpse into the health journey of one individual who granted us permission to share their perspective. While respecting privacy, we aim to capture the human context behind the data and technology. We thank all current and future users for allowing us to learn from and address their needs as we continue advancing smarter, more compassionate care.

Peter Elcock, 58, struggled daily with the burden of multiple chronic health conditions. As a long-time diabetes patient, he constantly had to monitor his blood sugar levels and medications. On top of that, Peter also faced ongoing battles with depression and anxiety, creating mental health obstacles. Other ailments like nerve damage in his feet added to the list of issues he managed. For Peter, every day felt challenging.

His declining health meant Peter's quality of life suffered greatly, robbing him of joy and independence. He needed solutions—not just to treat his illnesses, but to truly improve his wellbeing. Peter was stuck in a cycle of just coping, unsure how to get his life back.

When Peter's doctor referred him to a new preventative health coaching programme, he was sceptical how regular telephone calls with a health professional could make a difference. But what Peter didn't realise was that advanced AI algorithms had anonymously detected Peter's profile within routine health data, identifying him as high-risk for deterioration and hospitalisation. By flagging patients like Peter proactively, he could receive treatment in a timely and personalised manner, giving him the best possible chance of recovery.

Peter agreed to the coaching programme and soon felt the positive impact of having his own dedicated clinical coach. During Peter's coaching, the AI platform continued running in the background, monitoring his risk trends to strategically adapt the care plan. The coach accessed real-time insights that only this AI tool could provide, revealing the nuanced health signals within Peter's data profile.

Armed with this intelligence, Peter’s clinical coach was able to take immediate action, recommending Peter adjust his medications and get additional tests his doctors had overlooked. Peter was amazed at the level of personalisation - "It was like this programme could predict my needs before even I knew them!

Peter was not only managing his own chronic health conditions but also serving as the primary caregiver for his terminally ill son Patrick. Patrick suffered from myotonic dystrophy, a degenerative disease severely impacting his vital organs and mobility. Due to wheelchair accessibility issues in Peter's home, Patrick was confined to hospital care - adding major strain for Peter and his wife Annie.

Already coping with his son's devastating prognosis, Peter faced gruelling hospital commutes to be present while Patrick received care. It was an unimaginable hardship. When HN's clinical coach learned of Peter's plight, she provided support far exceeding expectations. The coach assisted Peter in an awareness campaign to get Patrick home, helping him write to their MP and getting their story published in local media. This exemplifies the life-changing impact of compassion going hand-in-hand with clinical excellence. By treating Peter as more than just a patient, our coach delivered care for his humanity.

Within weeks of receiving coaching care, Peter's health was turning around. He credits this transformation to the power of the AI prediction technology paired with the compassion of human coaching:

"The AI spotted risks my doctors had missed. By taking action early, my coach helped me avert a crisis. Within weeks, my health was improving in ways I never thought possible. I began eating right, thinking straight and feeling much better, thanks to the guidance of my coach. It was a tremendous difference for both my mental and physical health.”

Peter believes every patient deserves this kind of predictive, preventative care: "This programme should be expanded - it would relieve stretched hospitals and save so many from preventable hospital waits and admissions. I have no doubt that without this intervention I would be one of those people waiting to receive urgent emergency care in hospital.”

AI screening represents the future of sustainable healthcare systems. HN Predict makes preventative care possible in a more targeted manner than ever before.

By spotlighting risks early, we can reshape care journeys entirely through strategic human interventions - keeping people well rather than just treating illness. The opportunity of AI is prevention.

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