HN Virtual Ward

HN’s Virtual Ward offers patients alterative pathways to unplanned hospital care through anticipatory, personalised, and nurse-led care coordination & coaching

HN Virtual Ward

At HN we pride ourselves on providing all virtual ward patients with oversight and monitoring. Our clinically-led coaching intervention is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute.

Patients receive a holistic health assessment, monitoring, personalised healthcare plan and one-to-one sessions with a clinical nurse coach (registered nurses), who help them to better understand and manage their condition.
Combining state-of-the-art technology with skilled clinical coaches, HN’s Virtual Ward is a unique, digitally-inclusive solution with patients at the heart of the process.

How it works

HN’s Virtual Ward proactively supports patients to self-manage their condition(s). It combines remote monitoring technology with a skilled and highly experienced clinical health coach, delivering an integrated and comprehensive solution.

HN Virtual Ward provides effective early supported discharge/admission avoidance step-up. The service can be run entirely by HN clinical staff, therefore reducing the workload of NHS staff. The HN team communicate and align with existing NHS Trust and community teams to ensure a safe and effective discharge process into the virtual ward.

Most of the 5,000 patients we supported last year were elderly multimorbid patients who engaged with us over phone or smartphone supported communication applications. We can provide our remote monitoring technology or use your local technology provider.

We can easily step-up and step-down between supported self-care and intensive remote monitoring and clinical support.

HN Virtual Ward

Our evidence

Our virtual ward approach has been evaluated in UKs largest trial on remote nurse-led patient support and coaching. The trial demonstrated reduced need for unplanned care, reduced mortality in elderly males and increased patient reported outcomes and activation.

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