Taking Primary Care Seriously: Interview with Dr Steve Laitner

In the last 20 years the NHS has seen standards leap forward with investment and productivity improvements. However, despite the rhetoric, primary care has not been the focus of investment until recently. As is often true it is not what people say that matters, but where they spend their money. That is changing in the Long-term plan with large increases in primary care funding underway that is being distributed for new ‘additional roles.’ Embedded in a ‘manifesto commitment’ there is funding for 26,000 new staff, of which only 9,000 have so far been appointed. This investment is happening at the PCN-level, and some may call this disruptive innovation. Over the next two years funding ramps up and we explore this in an interview with Dr Laitner who has been a practicing GP and population health management advocate for around 25 years:

You can read the interview here:

Taking Primary Care Seriously: Interviewing Dr Steve Laitner on the next few years in primary care