Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme: Are you struggling to recruit your new roles?

Maintaining ‘business as usual’ is challenging with the additional pressures of the pandemic and delivering a Covid vaccination plan.

Part of the solution could be provided through ARRS.

Having conducted the largest randomised controlled trial (RCT) of proactive health coaching as an intervention within the NHS, HN has vast experience in recruiting and supervising Health Coaches – resulting in a positive impact on GP workload. HN’s approach removes your concerns of employing and training Health Coaches as well as the practical challenges of office equipment and associated overheads.

How we support GPs and PCNs

We have two services to support your PCN:

HN Anticipatory CARE offers GPs and PCNs a team of fully trained health coaches and care coordinators that are clinically supervised. This is fully financed though ARRS and provides you with control over the service.

Scientific evidence shows our approach to health coaching delivers improved patient health, wellbeing and self-management ability. HN staff are embedded in your primary care team and local health system, providing a seamless service:

  • Patient identification: AI guided case-finding, to identify high utilisers of primary care
  • Removes employer liability concerns: All staff are supervised, recruited, retained and employed by HN
  • Integrates with your team and the community: Ensuring efficient use of available resources for patients
  • Positive impact on GP workload: Clinical support for patients to manage their condition(s) and improve self-care

Visit the HN Anticipatory CARE webpage.

HN Training ACADEMY offers a comprehensive programme that is based on clinical experience and proven outcomes. The training programme will give your health coaches the tools to make a real difference to your patients and PCN clinical workforce, whilst increasing job satisfaction and retention.

What HN can do for your PCN and Health Coaches
The six month, work-based learning programme for health coaches, takes a blended approach of workshops, action learning sets and mentoring from experienced clinical coaches. We use our knowledge of recruiting and developing clinical health coaches to deliver:

  • Improved Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS)
  • A reduction in workload for practice staff
  • Evidence-based proactive health coaching

Our tried and tested approach to training takes a holistic view of health coaching, which teaches participants to think more systemically about their role. We build confidence by role-playing the skills and behaviours that are required to be an effective health coach.

About the course

  • Blended learning: Virtual workshops, action learning sets, coursework, mentoring from experienced clinical coaches, assessments, independent study and refresher training
  • Tailored content and exercises: Provides specific relevance to primary care
  • Empowering your team: Acquisition of new skills and associated self-confidence enables them to deliver in their role
  • Cost benefit: Patients receive support and advice to encourage and support self-care – relieving pressures on healthcare services and associated costs
  • Training Health Coaches in the UK: HN has been training and delivering clinical health coaching across the UK since 2015
  • Ongoing support for six months following programme completion

The programme is currently undergoing accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute.

Download the HN Training ACADEMY flyer.

Please contact Adria Haimann to see how we can help your PCN.

About HN
HN is a healthcare company that delivers AI guided case-finding, remote monitoring, clinical coaching and virtual ward solutions to the NHS. From March 2020, HN has been supported by the NHS Innovation Accelerator to spread our evidence-based services across the NHS.