Our new look: HN launches a refreshed brand identity

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand refresh, as part of our strategic focus on refining our messaging and reaching as many healthcare providers and patients as possible.

This update modernizes our visual identity – our logo, tagline and colour palette – while retaining our essence. By updating our visual presentation, we’re showing our dedication to providing the best possible services and improving our image and reputation.

What does this mean?

The refresh sees the use of more neutral and refined colours, a refreshed tone of voice and new imagery, all enabling us to expand the appeal of our solutions to a more broad range of providers and patients.

‘Predicting a healthier future’

As part of our renewed visual identity, we have a new logo and tagline: Predicting a healthier future. This new tagline highlights what sets us apart: groundbreaking innovation, solid clinical evidence and a commitment to predictive technology and the immense benefits it offers to patients and healthcare systems.

By making our tagline so prominent we’re encouraging everyone to join us in shaping a future where healthcare is proactive, empowering individuals and strengthening our communities.

Why are we doing this?

HN’s mission has never been more important: leveraging technology to shift focus from reactive treatment to data-driven early intervention. To drive the change we all want to see, we need to inspire millions more people with our message to spearhead the revolution toward predictive healthcare.

This is why we’re making some much-needed changes to how the HN brand looks, feels and communicates. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the process to shape our new brand and visual identity – we’re thrilled with the outcome.

Is anything else changing?

No. HN is still exactly the same company, run by the same people, committed to improving care for patients, and we have the same mission: shifting healthcare towards predictive, preventative healthcare for the benefit of patients and health systems alike.

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New HN logo