HN AI Guided Clinical Coaching (AICC)

The full suite of HN's digital products in a comprehensive, fully-managed service. AICC forms the basis of a ‘paradigm shift’ in healthcare delivery – from reactive and passive, to predictive, proactive and preventative

HN AI Guided Clinical Coaching (AICC)

AICC brings together HN's highly acclaimed products into one simple yet highly impactful and fully-managed service.

AICC is a combination of HN Predict (AI screening), HN Proactive (scalable case management) and HN Clinical Coaching. It is delivered as a fully-managed service for health systems and plans.

In one of the UK's largest trials, we clinically validated AICC to reduce care demand, improve clinical outcomes and patient experience for patients with multiple long-term conditions and at risk of hospitalisation.

AICC is equitable and fair, scalable and affordable for ICSs, Hospital & Community Trusts, and Primary Care Networks.

AICC is the solution for when both advanced AI technology and clinical workforce is needed, providing a high-impact, low disruption service.

See below a personal account by Paddy Hannigan, Chair of Staffs & Surrounds CCG and Clinical Lead for Staffs & Stoke-on-Trent ICS Digital Programme - on how working with HN helped reduce unplanned admissions and improved patient outcomes.

Remote clinical coaching for high-risk patients, as an alternative to unplanned hospital care

Proven to identify 8 of 10 high-risk patients and reduce hospital care by 1/3

Active in several ICSs and supported 3,500 patients in 2022

Our coaches' training programme is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute

Published in several peer-reviewed articles - better care that is scalable at lower cost

AI to screen your population and identify at an individual level those people with rising risk of unplanned care

A proven, award-winning approach

Read how Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICS trialled and implemented AICC at scale to win the 2023 HTN Award in the Digital ICS Transformation category.

HN's collaboration in East Kent and York showcases how combining AI with health coaching for the prediction and prevention of avoidable Urgent and Emergency care can improve patient outcomes and deliver system savings.

Read about our complete clinical validation and evidence.

Evaluate AICC for your local system

Any decision to implement AICC starts with establishing a local business case, using your local data and context, and involving your local stakeholders. This is done through a favourably priced and standardised Feasibility Study (procurement through G-Cloud framework possible). The Feasibility Study usually takes around six weeks from start to finish.

The Feasibility Study quantifies activity savings, clinical and patient impact of rolling out AICC, and how this service could be aligned to existing services. It provides important data-driven insights and decision-making material for any ICB, Trust Exec Board or PCN leadership.

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